Hi i'm Mich, pronounced mish. 19. I'm from Ireland. I'm a broke uni student. I love sport, love music, love playing guitar, love havin' the craic, love my friends and lovin life really. and just to clarify, i am indeed gay ... oh, I'm the one on the right.
ask me questions, i love meeting new people



Didn’t realise I had this one shirt left from the designs I had printed last year, so time to get rid of it.

Reblog! Ships worldwide. I check certain things about a blog when I choose the winner, so ask box must be open, no giveaway blogs, must be a TnS fan, followers only, etc, etc. 

Sara on the front, blank back.
Unisex medium shirt
19.5”-20” width, 28.5” long

won’t be posted until August 29th (international parcels), unless living within Australia.


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with


a reality check that’s a blow to the solar plexis

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